Tidy Tidbits: Organizing Earrings With Poor Eyesight

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File This One Under Middle-Aged Eyesight Adaptations


I learned the finer meshed fabric works best with the embroidery hoops.

I organize my wire earrings in mesh shelf liner fabric stretched over embroidery hoops hung in a dressing cupboard (as shown above). This solution has made it very convenient to grab an embroidery hoop from the cupboard and make my selection under better lighting.

As shown below, My posts are in a nearby shallow drawer, inserted into wine corks, which are also easy to grab out for the selection process. Tip: Pilot the holes with a pin!

Post backs are stored by type in an unused fridge egg tray in the same drawer.  This system also makes it quick and effortless to put my jewelry away at the end of the day, even in dim light with no glasses. 🙂


Wine corks work best for stud earrings and store post backs by type in an unused fridge egg tray.

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