Tidy Tidbits: Jigsaw Puzzling in a Small House

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Having a Hard Time Finding Storage Places in a Small or Crowed Home?

Whether you’re a growing family, young couple just starting out, or downsizing later in life- storage and organization is always a problem!

Jigsaw puzzling is one of our relaxation activities, but having a puzzle on the dining table is a problem when we also need the table for eating, food preparation, paying bills, and working from home.

The solution? We went to the home improvement store and got a thin board large enough to accommodate the dimensions of our largest puzzle, for assembling, and several smaller ones for piece sorting. Not only are we able to stack the boards up and move them elsewhere when needed, but we also have the option to carry the piece boards to better light!

When we’re not working on a puzzle, I store the boards behind my sideboard and in the crevices on either side of the oven.


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