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Organizational Services Include:

  • Hands-On Organization– Either working alone or with you
  • Styling/Staging– Optimizing the objects and decorations that you already own
  • Paper Sorting/Filing– Working alone and with you, as needed
  • Storage Inventory– Providing you with pictures and written descriptions of your “elsewhere” storage (rented space, basement, attic, etc.)
  • Shopping– Includes research, purchase, and delivery of the organization supplies and/or small, functional furniture that you need to achieve your goals

Whether you are staying in your current home or moving to a new one, we can help you create an environment for yourself that is safe, functional, and beautiful.

Contact me to see how your organization and/or design can better meet your functional needs!

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Contact Us

The Gentle Organizer

Brewster, NY 10509

(914) 656-4586