Space Planning, Reorganization, and Transformations,


it was truly a pleasure to have met and worked with you!

Your insight and hard work made our lives easier and organized!

We Thank you for your patience, understanding, and GENTLENESS. See you on the 11th –

Thoughtful and Logical,

(Malini M. - Ridgefield, CT,)

Everything Linda does is thoughtful, and I mean she really thinks through how to design something so that it works, easily and logically.

Eternally Grateful,

(Gloria R. - Brewster, NY,)

I used to be a very organized person. However, my husband was ill for a number of years and required a lot of my assistance. As a result, my home really suffered. Papers and various items just started piling up at home. My basement and spare bedroom became ‘catch-all’ spaces. After he passed away, I really wanted to go through everything and get organized again, but it was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start – and then would just give up and let it go. Enter Linda! She helped me organize my basement and spare bedroom so I could again know what I have and where it all is. I’m eternally grateful for her help.

Engaging and Gifted,

(Jean K. - Moorestown, NJ,)

I have seen Linda do this work unofficially several times over several years. I am amazed at the amount of patience she brings when working with individuals who need to have areas/spaces organized but don’t necessarily want to allow changes in their own environment. She is as gifted in working with people as any Social worker I have ever known (and I had at least 22 different ones in my department at the hospital through the years) and easily engages with those who may be aging and not wanting to admit that they may need a little help. I highly recommend Linda and her business, Gentle Organizer.

Creative Solutions,

(Christine M. - Katonah, NY,)

Linda has an amazing ability to work out and implement creative solutions to unusual problems and situations, accomplishing highly professional finished projects!

Getting the Job Done,

(Pam E - Mount Laurel, NJ,)

Having worked with Linda on several projects, I know how organized she is in getting the job done. She is the perfect person for helping others organize and use their spaces more efficiently and wisely. What a great help!

Innate Ability to Best Organize,

(Gloria R. - Brewster, NY,)

Linda has an innate ability to look at a cabinet, a closet, a room – or an entire house – and visualize how to best organize everything!  Plus, there’s one attribute she has that is special to me – she doesn’t push you to throw out or give away your items.  Linda is sensitive to the fact that people’s ‘stuff’ is personal.  She will encourage you and help you to organize your ‘stuff’ into specific categories as a first step, so you can go back and sort through it later if you’re not ready to part with it yet.  However, if you’re ready to de-clutter quickly, she is amazingly fast at helping you with that!

Efficient and Beautiful,

(Amy M. - Rye, NY,)

Linda’s brilliant mind has organized my home in such a simple, efficient and beautiful way that I am able to just live peacefully knowing there is a place for everything and my home’s order can now be easily maintained! This is such a blessing to me and my family. She is exceptionally skilled at what she does. I honestly can’t express enough the peace of mind she’s given me with the parts of the house she has worked in! Amazing!